VH1 Reality content was totally inspired by the like-films that came before...

And this is the one where Carolyn thinks she swindled Ashlee into watching a musical, which Ashlee argues the music in the drum-heavy 1959 visual affair, Black Orpheus actually wasn't cringey or shoe horned.

This vibrant, beautiful film based on the play,  Orfeu da Conceição by Vinicius de Moraes follows the formula of enamored at first sight, jealously, surrealism, and spirituality, all surrounding the nougat that is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This brought up a whole lesson on Black cross-cultural exchange, exposure, experience, and simply embracing all dimensions of ourselves because let's be honest; we all trace back to one continent.

Black Orpheus Interviews

Subjects of Desire


Black Orpheus Sountrack

Looking for "Black Orpheus," a French documentary about Black Orpheus’s cultural and musical roots and its resonance in Brazil today

Guava Island [Trailer]

James Baldwin on Carmen Jones (1954)


It's our one year anniversary! We get into the year (very briefly) on our evolution as film writers/critics/lovers (that should be the name of a web series) but basically, a rant exchange between tired Black women... tiiii 'ed.

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