It's all fire dicks and armageddon in Wormwood, New Mexico in the mid-1990's. Thank the seven star alignments that we're still here to talk of the tale...

Ashlee couldn't believe she found even more to unpack in the film she's dissected to death, 1995's Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight, a pretty under-discussed and underappreciated (to a degree) horror film that everyone should watch this Halloween season. 

Director Ernest Dickerson throws in homages to Alien which, Carolyn loves even more because of the Cleo the cat/Jonesy connection.

Plus! There's a whole lot about this sometimes surpisingly Black feminist work that incorporates a range of characters that are not easy to label, which is the fun of it all, including some cheesy, on-brand humor from a self-aware work both from cast and crew who were just having fun.

We've noted the following for consideration:

The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators by bell hooks

Subjects of Desire (2021) Official Trailer

Modern Etiquette: The Despicable World of Spitting



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